The Best Affordable Accommodations In New Orleans

New Orleans is a city known for its vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and historic architecture. It’s no wonder that millions of tourists flock to the Big Easy each year to experience all it has to offer.

However, finding affordable accommodation in New Orleans can be a challenge, especially during peak travel seasons. Fortunately, there are many budget-friendly options available that still provide comfort and convenience to travelers.

In this article, we will explore the best affordable accommodations in New Orleans. From charming bed and breakfasts to budget-friendly hotels and vacation rentals, there are plenty of options for those looking to save money without sacrificing quality.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group of friends or family members, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide to the most innovative and cost-effective places to stay in this lively city.

Key Takeaways

– New Orleans offers a range of affordable accommodations, including bed and breakfasts, hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, and guesthouses.
– Highly-rated budget-friendly hotels in New Orleans include Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery, Drury Inn & Suites New Orleans Convention Center, and Best Western Plus French Quarter Landmark Hotel.
– Staying in less touristy areas and booking well in advance can result in better deals for guesthouses.
– Homestays provide a unique opportunity for visitors to interact with local hosts, gain insight into the city’s culture and way of life, and save money on lodging expenses.

Charming Bed and Breakfasts

Nestled in the heart of New Orleans, a wide array of charming and cozy bed and breakfasts offer an authentic glimpse into the city’s unique culture and history. These accommodations provide visitors with an opportunity to experience firsthand the vibrant spirit of New Orleans. Each bed and breakfast is different, but all share a commitment to providing guests with a comfortable and memorable stay.

For local recommendations, consider the Ashton’s Bed & Breakfast located in the historic Garden District. This B&B offers spacious rooms furnished with antiques that capture the essence of old-world charm. For those seeking top-rated options, The Creole Gardens Guesthouse & Inn is a historical gem located in the Lower Garden District. It boasts beautiful gardens and courtyards that transport visitors back in time.

Regardless of which B&B you choose, this type of accommodation provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in New Orleans’ rich cultural heritage while enjoying personalized attention from your hosts.

However, if you are looking for more budget-friendly options without sacrificing comfort or style, there are plenty of excellent hotels that offer affordable rates without skimping on quality.

As we move onto our next section about budget-friendly hotels, it’s important to note that many travelers opt for these types of accommodations when visiting New Orleans on a tight budget or want more modern amenities such as air conditioning or Wi-Fi access. With so many options available at varying price points, finding an affordable hotel in this vibrant city is not hard at all!

Budget-Friendly Hotels

Located throughout the city, there are several hotels that offer budget-friendly options for travelers to New Orleans. These accommodations typically provide clean and comfortable rooms with basic amenities, such as free Wi-Fi and continental breakfast. The key to finding the best affordable hotels in New Orleans is booking early and being flexible with your travel dates.

For those looking to save money on their stay in New Orleans, it is important to consider the time of year you plan to visit. The peak tourist season runs from February through May, when major events like Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest draw large crowds. To avoid high prices and overcrowded streets, consider visiting during the off-season months of June through August or December through January.

To help guide your search for budget-friendly accommodations in New Orleans, refer to the table below which outlines some highly-rated options:

Hotel Name Location Starting Price
Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery Warehouse District $74/night
Drury Inn & Suites New Orleans Convention Center Lower Garden District $109/night
Best Western Plus French Quarter Landmark Hotel French Quarter $124/night

By following these tips and utilizing resources such as online travel sites and hotel loyalty programs, you can find affordable hotels without sacrificing quality or location. However, if you’re really looking to cut costs on your trip to New Orleans, consider staying at a hostel instead – read on for more information!


Hostels provide a low-cost alternative for travelers visiting New Orleans, offering communal living spaces and basic amenities. These budget-friendly accommodations are popular among backpackers, students, and solo travelers who seek to save money on lodging expenses while exploring the city. Hostels often have shared dormitories with bunk beds, but some also offer private rooms for those who prefer more privacy.

One of the main advantages of staying in a hostel is its affordability. Compared to hotels and vacation rentals, hostels offer a much cheaper option for budget-conscious travelers. Additionally, hostels are great places to meet other like-minded travelers from around the world. They often organize social activities such as pub crawls or walking tours that allow guests to explore the city together.

However, there are also some cons associated with staying in hostels. One potential downside is the lack of privacy that comes with sharing a room with strangers. Additionally, safety concerns may arise due to the communal living spaces and lack of secure storage facilities for personal belongings. It is important for travelers to take precautions such as using lockers or keeping valuables with them at all times.

Moving forward from hostels, another option for affordable accommodations in New Orleans includes vacation rentals where visitors can enjoy their own space while still saving money on lodging expenses.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are an excellent option for travelers seeking more space and privacy than traditional accommodations. These types of lodgings are ideal for families or groups traveling together, as they offer a greater degree of flexibility in terms of sleeping arrangements and communal living spaces.

By providing kitchen facilities for self-catering, vacation rentals also allow guests to prepare their own meals, which can be a significant cost-saving measure during extended stays.

More Space and Privacy

For those seeking more space and privacy in their accommodations, options such as renting a private apartment through Airbnb or booking a suite at the Hotel Provincial can provide a comfortable and affordable stay. These alternative options offer unique advantages that cater to different travelers’ needs.

Here are some pros and cons of each option:

– Airbnb rentals: This option allows guests to rent out an entire private apartment or home, providing them with complete privacy during their stay. It is also often cheaper than traditional hotels, giving travelers the ability to save money on accommodation expenses. However, it may not offer the same level of service as hotels do, which could be problematic for those who require assistance or have specific needs.

– Hotel Provincial suites: This hotel provides spacious suites that feature separate sitting areas and kitchenettes. It is located in the heart of the French Quarter, making it easy for guests to explore New Orleans’ most popular attractions. The downside is that it may be pricier than Airbnb rentals, but it does come with added perks such as daily housekeeping services.

These options are ideal for those who value privacy and space while traveling. For families or groups looking for even more room, there are also larger vacation rental homes available in New Orleans that can accommodate multiple people comfortably.

Ideal for Families or Groups

Families or groups seeking a spacious and comfortable stay in New Orleans have several options available to them. One of the best affordable accommodations that caters to these needs is the French Quarter Suites Hotel.

This hotel offers family suites that can accommodate up to six people, featuring separate bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchenettes. The French Quarter Suites Hotel also provides amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, and an outdoor pool perfect for families to enjoy during their stay.

Moreover, choosing this hotel means being in close proximity to family-friendly attractions like Jackson Square, Bourbon Street, and the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. These attractions offer a variety of experiences that cater to both adults and children alike.

Families can explore historic landmarks while enjoying some traditional New Orleans cuisine or take a stroll along the Mississippi Riverfront while sampling some local delicacies from street vendors. Choosing French Quarter Suites Hotel is not only budget-friendly but it also ensures access to numerous activities suitable for all ages – making it an ideal choice for families or groups traveling together.

Transitioning into the subsequent section about ‘kitchen facilities for self-catering’, guests staying at French Quarter Suites Hotel can make use of their in-room kitchenettes by preparing their meals according to their preferences. Alternatively, there are nearby grocery stores where they can purchase ingredients necessary for cooking up delicious home-cooked meals during their stay in New Orleans.

Kitchen Facilities for Self-Catering

The French Quarter Suites Hotel provides guests with the option for self-catering by offering in-room kitchenettes, allowing for a more personalized and budget-friendly dining experience during their stay in the heart of New Orleans. Self-catering has become increasingly popular among travelers who seek to have control over what they eat while on vacation. By having access to a kitchenette, guests can prepare their favorite meals and snacks, as well as enjoy local cuisines at their own pace.

There are several benefits of self-catering that make it an attractive option for travelers. First, it allows guests to save money on dining expenses without compromising on quality or taste. Second, it caters to individual dietary needs and preferences, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their meal without any restrictions. Some popular self-catering dishes in New Orleans include gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, po’boys sandwiches, and beignets. However, those who prefer dining out can choose from the many nearby restaurants that offer a wide range of cuisine options.

Moving forward into the guesthouses section of this guidebook…


Guesthouses can provide a unique and charming experience for travelers seeking affordable accommodations in New Orleans. Top-rated guesthouses in the city offer comfortable rooms with homely decor, shared kitchens or kitchenettes, and communal living spaces. Some of the most popular guesthouses include The Green House Inn, Soniat House, and The Ashton Hotel.

To find the best guesthouse deals, it is recommended to book well in advance. Additionally, consider staying in less touristy areas like Mid City or Algiers Point where there are plenty of affordable options. Many guesthouses also offer discounts for longer stays or during off-peak seasons.

Staying at a guesthouse not only offers an economical way to explore New Orleans but also allows visitors to immerse themselves in local culture by interacting with other guests and locals.

However, if you’re looking for more luxurious accommodations without breaking the bank, boutique hotels may be a better option.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are a popular choice for travelers seeking unique and stylish accommodations.
These establishments typically feature personalized service, providing guests with an intimate and luxurious experience.
Despite their upscale amenities, boutique hotels can often be more affordable than traditional luxury accommodations, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers looking to indulge in a bit of luxury.

Unique and Stylish Accommodations

Boasting exceptional architectural design and exquisite décor, certain affordable accommodations in New Orleans offer guests a one-of-a-kind experience that surpasses all expectations. Creative options with local flair are plentiful in this city, but the unique and stylish accommodations stand out among them all.

From historic mansions turned into bed and breakfasts to trendy hostels with quirky designs, these accommodations truly embody the spirit of New Orleans. One option for those seeking a unique experience is staying at a converted warehouse or industrial space. These spaces have been transformed into chic and modern hotels that showcase the city’s industrial history alongside contemporary design elements.

Another option is to stay at a themed hotel, where each room has been designed with its own distinct personality. These boutique hotels provide an opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in a specific aspect of New Orleans culture or history while enjoying affordable luxury and personalized service.

With so many innovative accommodation options available, there’s no shortage of stylish places to stay in New Orleans that won’t break the bank. When looking for personalized service without sacrificing affordability, boutique hotels are an excellent choice for discerning travelers seeking comfort and style during their visit to this vibrant city.

Personalized Service

When seeking a memorable stay in the heart of Louisiana, guests can expect to receive personalized service at many unique accommodations. From boutique hotels to bed and breakfasts, establishments in New Orleans go above and beyond to provide customized experiences for their guests. These personalized amenities range from tailored breakfast menus to private tours of the city’s iconic landmarks.

To fully appreciate the level of service that these accommodations offer, consider the following table showcasing some examples:

Accommodation Personalized Service
The Henry Howard Hotel Complimentary wine hour with live jazz music every evening
Maison de la Luz Personalized concierge service and access to a 24-hour fitness center
Ashton’s Bed and Breakfast Customizable breakfast menu with vegetarian options available

By providing these unique services, establishments in New Orleans are able to set themselves apart from other affordable lodging options. Guests can truly immerse themselves in the culture of this vibrant city and create memories that will last a lifetime. Moving forward into our next section on ‘affordable luxury,’ travelers can continue to enjoy top-notch experiences without breaking the bank.

Affordable Luxury

The level of luxury that can be experienced in Louisiana’s hospitality industry is nothing short of impressive. From historic mansions to modern hotels, visitors can find a wide range of accommodations that offer affordable luxury.

For those looking for budget-friendly options, there are several boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts that provide personalized service, while still offering an upscale experience. Affordable luxury is not only about the cost of the room but also includes amenities such as high-quality bedding, plush towels, and elegant furnishings.

These lavish touches create an atmosphere that transports guests to a world of opulence without breaking the bank. Travelers can indulge in luxurious experiences such as spa treatments or rooftop lounges at a fraction of the price they would pay at more expensive accommodations. For those who want to enjoy the best New Orleans has to offer without overspending, affordable luxury is the perfect solution.

Moving on to motels…


Motels in New Orleans provide a budget-friendly option for travelers seeking basic accommodations. While these lodgings may not offer the luxurious amenities of high-end hotels, they typically feature comfortable rooms and convenient locations. Many motels in the city also boast some of the best amenities that attract visitors looking for more than just a place to sleep.

One of the best amenities in motels is free parking, which can be quite valuable in a city known for its tight streets and expensive parking garages. Other perks might include complimentary breakfast or access to a pool or fitness center. For those looking for something unique, hidden gem motels in New Orleans can offer an experience unlike any other. From quirky decorations to themed rooms, these offbeat accommodations often give guests a taste of local culture and charm.

While motels may not be as glamorous as their upscale counterparts, they offer an affordable option for travelers who prioritize basic necessities over luxury frills. Whether you’re on a tight budget or simply prefer simplicity when it comes to lodging, there are plenty of options available throughout New Orleans.

In the next section we will explore another affordable accommodation option: RV parks.

RV Parks

Surprisingly, RV parks offer a unique and unconventional form of lodging for travelers visiting New Orleans. While many may associate RVs with camping trips or long-term road trips, RV parks in the city offer an affordable and comfortable option for those looking to experience the area without breaking the bank.

Here are just a few amenities that some of the best RV parks in New Orleans have to offer:
– Spacious campsites with full hookups for water, electricity and sewer
– On-site laundry facilities
– Wi-Fi access
– Recreational areas such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and picnic areas
– Proximity to popular attractions including Bourbon Street and French Quarter

One of the biggest perks of staying at an RV park is the location options available. Many of these parks are located within convenient driving distance to major tourist hotspots while also providing a peaceful retreat from busy city life. Some even offer shuttle services directly to popular destinations, making it easy for guests to explore without worrying about parking or transportation.

Overall, RV parks provide a cost-effective and unique lodging experience for visitors looking to stay in New Orleans. However, if you’re looking for something slightly more luxurious or extended-stay accommodations, consider checking out some of the city’s top-rated extended-stay hotels instead.

Extended-Stay Hotels

Extended-stay hotels offer a comfortable and convenient option for travelers who are planning to stay in New Orleans for an extended period of time. These types of accommodations cater to individuals who require long term stays, whether it be for business or leisure purposes. Corporate housing is also commonly found in extended-stay hotels, offering furnished apartments with kitchenettes, living areas, and separate bedrooms to ensure that guests have all the comforts of home during their stay.

In addition to providing the convenience of a fully equipped apartment-style accommodation, extended-stay hotels offer various amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, laundry facilities and complimentary breakfast options. This type of accommodation also offers flexibility in terms of check-in and check-out times, which can be beneficial for those on a tight schedule or those who need to adjust their itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances.

While extended-stay hotels may not offer the same level of intimacy as other forms of lodging such as homestays or bed and breakfasts, they make up for it by providing guests with privacy and independence. With its suitable location near popular attractions such as Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, along with various amenities offered within its premises, staying at an extended-stay hotel proves to be a practical choice for travelers looking for affordability without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

As we move onto discussing homestays next, it is important to note that while this form of accommodation provides a unique opportunity to experience local culture through interaction with hosts, some travelers may prefer more privacy during their stay in New Orleans.


One alternative option for travelers seeking a unique experience in New Orleans is to stay in a homestay. Homestays provide an opportunity for visitors to interact with local hosts, often gaining insight into the city’s culture and way of life. By staying with locals, guests can enjoy authentic experiences that are not typically available in traditional accommodation options.

Homestays offer a range of benefits beyond cultural immersion. For instance, they tend to be more affordable than hotels while providing similar levels of comfort. Moreover, guests can expect personalized attention from their hosts who will go out of their way to ensure that their stay is comfortable and enjoyable. As such, homestays may appeal to budget-conscious travelers looking for a unique experience without breaking the bank.

In addition to being affordable and culturally immersive, homestays also offer opportunities for socializing and making new friends. Guests can connect with locals on a personal level and learn about their lifestyles while sharing stories and experiences. These interactions can lead to lasting friendships that extend beyond the duration of the trip.

Overall, staying in a homestay can be an excellent option for those seeking an authentic travel experience that goes beyond just visiting tourist attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the average prices for accommodations in each category?

When comparing prices in New Orleans, it is best to book accommodations during off-peak periods. Prices for budget hotels range from $60-$150 per night, while mid-range hotels can cost between $150-$300 per night. Luxury accommodations start at around $300 per night.

Are there any accommodations that offer free breakfast or other amenities?

Staying in accommodations with complimentary meals offers the added benefit of convenience and cost savings. Some of the best affordable accommodations in New Orleans, such as the Blake Hotel and Drury Inn & Suites, also offer family-friendly amenities like swimming pools and fitness centers.

Which neighborhoods or areas in New Orleans are best for each type of accommodation?

Top rated accommodations in each neighborhood offer unique experiences. Popular areas like French Quarter and Garden District offer convenience, but lesser known areas like Marigny and Bywater offer a more local vibe. Pros and cons vary depending on type of accommodation chosen.

Are there any accommodations that offer shuttle services to popular tourist attractions or the airport?

When considering accommodations in New Orleans, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of shuttle services to popular tourist attractions or the airport. Availability and booking options should also be considered, as well as the quality of shuttle service based on customer reviews.

What is the cancellation policy for each type of accommodation?

On average, 60% of New Orleans affordable accommodations offer free cancellation up to 24 hours before check-in. However, booking flexibility and refund options vary among different types of accommodations, making it crucial to read the cancellation policies carefully before making reservations for last minute changes.


In conclusion, New Orleans offers a plethora of affordable accommodation options for budget-conscious travelers. From charming bed and breakfasts to budget-friendly hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, guesthouses, motels, RV parks, extended-stay hotels, and homestays – there’s something for every type of traveler.

One rhetorical device that can engage the audience is metaphor. Comparing the variety of accommodations in New Orleans to a smorgasbord or buffet can paint a vivid picture in the reader’s mind. Just as a smorgasbord offers an array of different foods to satisfy every palate, New Orleans offers an extensive selection of lodging options to meet every traveler’s needs and preferences.

So whether you’re planning a solo trip or traveling with friends or family on a tight budget – New Orleans has got you covered with its diverse range of affordable accommodations.